oak tree Dartrey Oaks Committee Black Island ringfort, damaged by Coillte drains, view and access now obscured by spruce trees
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From the Iron Bridge
view from Iron Bridge, Black Island, looking towards Inner Lough
entering the Inner Lough,
the island on the right
and the site of the castle
in the far left.

Dartrey Heritage Association
The Temple, showing illusrtation of proposed roofThe Monument, monaghan Rd, under restoration work July 2007, Dartrey    With the formation of the Dartrey Heritage Association (recently recognised with an award ), the local community has made a start in protecting our much neglected local heritage. Their aim is to bring the community together to promote awareness of this heritage, which includes, historial structures, monuments, wildlife, habitat and also the rich cultural heritage of the local people. With their designation as a charity they will seek funding and develope plans for the different projects.
   First on their list is "The Monument" located half way between Cootehill and Rockcorry. The 200 year old column was designed by architect James Wyatt, who also designed the Mausoleum (or Temple) on Black Island which is now in ruins. While busy working on funding restotation of the monument Duchas na Dartraige where also successful in attaining grants totaling €100,000 for The Temple this year, so repairs can now begin. Read News Stories regarding Black Island Temple here. >> Another Mausoleum designed by Wyatt, featured in a TV Architecturial Show "Restoration" and received £5 million (Heritage Lottery Fund, UK) for its restoration. Hopefully our endeavors will be just as fruitful. Check out my links about Wyatt on the resources page - history >>.
   You can email the Dartrey Heritage's Association secretary (Andrew) to find out how you can help financially, keep updated or get involved:
   Read 2005 Northern Standard story: " Minister launches new Dawson Monument amenity area" with tree planting ceremony marking National Tree Week. Read story here>>
   Read 2009 Angleo Celt story: "Dartrey Temple Can Be Tourism Magnet", Read story here>>
View map and walks of Dartrey Forest for built and natural heritage locations, Dartrey Forest Walks >> View a great description and history of Dartrey Estate and Forest, in words and photos on the Geograph Website.

News Stories
Oak tree at Dartrey Church    Read past news stories regarding the campaign to save Dartrey's mature oak and remaining ancient woodland. news stories >>
   Find out more about the issues native woodlands, heritage, biodiversity, wildlife habitat protection and the organisations Coillte, Duchas, and others. Become more aware of the current debate in Ireland regarding native broadleaf trees, exotic species, biodiversity loss and Ireland's forestry policy along with the history and influence of profit, legislation and attitudes effecting that policy. See resources page >>
   Also checkout links regarding dartrey's history and heritage which trace its people, culture, landscape and other topics concerned with natural and cultural heritage: Woodlands, Archaeology, Landscape, Place-names, Maps, Families, Culture, Images, Texts, Architects, Farming, Legislation and Forestry. See resources page - history >>

Ideas and proposals regarding Dartrey Forest:

  • Regenerate Native woodland: Work with regional groups, to identify important stands of local native trees, native red squirrel collect seed from these stands, propagate and plant new trees back into our environment. See example of Northern Ireland Tree Campaign >>
  • Suggest converting ringforts and area around mausoleum into grassland for deer and vista points for surrounding scenic areas.
  • That future forest planning should consider environmental sensitive animals such as the native red squirrel. Which is now extinct in many parts of Ireland. Read NI Forestry Service study >> Also read how local support has proved to be invaluable in the conservation of the native red squirrels in Wales. Read more here>>

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